Krishi and Wellness India 2019 expo
The Show has been postponed until further notice!
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Outline Conference Programme

DAY 1: 06 August 2019
Time Sessions
1000-1100 hrs Opening Ceremony
1100-1130 hrs Networking tea break
1130-1300 hrs Plenary Session: Linking Agriculture, Food and Wellness
The relationship between agriculture and wellness is obvious and huge potential exists in addressing many of our current and future health challenges. Agriculture defines what we grow, how we grow, how we process and store it, and wellness interceds what we consume, how we line, work, any etc. This session will focus on the following points:
• The link between agriculture, food and wellness
• Policies, regulations and schemes of Government 2.0
• Mainstreaming AYUSH for wellness
• Solution for equity challenges, food security and farmer livelihood
• The potential of sustainable agriculture for climate change adaption
• Priorities and opportunities for research and education
• Partnerships, priorities and funding
1300-1400 hrs Networking lunch
1400-1500 hrs Session by FSSAI
1500-1615 hrs Lifestyle disorder care & management by AYUSH
Discussion Points:
• Causes and incidences
• Role of AYUSH to prevent and manage lifestyle disorders
• Material and Methods
• Education and skilling
• Awareness
• Case studies
1615-1630 hrs Networking Tea break
1630-1745 hrs Cancer Care & Research in AYUSH: Developing a Roadmap
Discussion Points:
• Developing drugs and products for cancer management
• Cancer biology and AYUSH principles, evolving integrative approaches
• Treatment modalities for AYUSH in cancer
• Prevention of cancer, AYUSH perspectives
• Clinical experiences

DAY 2: 07 August 2019
Time Session
1000-1130 hrs Session by National Medicinal Plant Board
1130-1145 hrs Networking Tea break
1145-1315 hrs Session by National Medicinal Plant Board
1315-1400 hrs Networking Lunch
1400-1500 hrs Session by FSSAI
1500-1615 hrs Harnessing the Power of Digital Agriculture
Discussion Points:

• Fostering innovation in the agtech sector
• Role of government, investment and agribusiness to stimulate the agtech ecosystem
• Support for new start-ups
• The need for innovation and success stories
• Efficient digital technologies to revolutionize agriculture
• Investment framework
1615-1630 hrs Networking Tea break
1630-1745 hrs Organic farming: Future of Food
Discussion Points:

• Policy measures to promote organic agriculture and food security
• Current situation, contributory factors and future challenges
• Scenarios and choices for increased food production
• The downsides of conventional agriculture
• The potential of Organic Agriculture to increase productivity
• Increase in income and farmer livelihood

DAY 3: 08 August 2019
Time Session
1000-1045 hrs Session by FSSAI
1045-1130 hrs Medicinal Cannabis: India Story
Discussion Points:

• Medicinal use of cannabis in Indian medical history
• Proven medical uses of cannabis
• Possible steps to end the stigma towards cannabis in India
• How can an age-old medicine be modernized in the Indian medical context
• Progress so far and arrival of cannabis-based medicines in India
• Current Indian policy scenario/environment for accepting the medicinal use of cannabis
• Lessons to be learned from medicinal cannabis policies of other nations for India
1130-1145 hrs Networking tea break
1145-1315 hrs FPO’s: Connecting Farmers to Regulated Markets
Discussion points:

• Challenges and opportunities
• Involvement of private players in connecting farmers to markets
• Capacity building for FPOs
• Restructuring the ownership and management of FPOs
• Simplification of processes and technical terms
• Financing of FPOs
1315-1400 hrs Networking lunch & Exhibition visit
1315-1400 hrs Networking lunch & Exhibition visit

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